Price of Marketing Research

The news is fresh: ESOMAR has just published the 2012 edition of a study that deals with the prices of marketing research . Entitled Global Prices Study 2012 , the study was conducted with 633 firms from 106 countries.

We learn that Canada is the 3 th among the countries where the research is the most expensive , behind the United States and Switzerland. For Canada, this is a significant jump compared to the 2010 study where he held the 10 th rank.

In contrast, the cheapest countries are the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Romania, Serbia, Kenya, Croatia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Ecuador, Latvia and Pakistan. This list assumes that prices are strongly influenced by the cost of labor (and probably also by the costs associated with the laws and regulations that companies must respect according to the country).

Among other results of the study, there is a decrease in the price of online research in major markets (United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Japan). The price of the telephone survey (CATI), meanwhile, would have increased by 10%.

The methodology of the study:

The global index is calculated based on submissions from 633 research firms in 106 countries. The call for proposals, identical for all, included five consumer projects (three quantitative projects, one qualitative project and one project involving online research communities) and one business project (B2B). Firms were also required to provide rates associated with various resources.

Of course, one could dwell on the weaknesses of such a methodology. For example, the average number of 6 firms per country appears to be low for meaningful comparisons. However, since I did not have access to the detailed methodology, I will reserve my criticism.

The full report is available at a cost of 500 euros on the ESOMAR website . I did not buy it, so my article is based on the summaries found here and here .

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