Mortal Kombat X

1) Variations / Variations

First, the first thing that happens when you choose a character: you are asked to make a choice between 3 variations

The variation is simply the fighting style that your character will adopt. This choice is VERY important: it allows to orient your character towards a more offensive or defensive style , determines your weapon and your special moves (different with each variation).

You’ll soon understand: the game strategy with your character depends completely on the variation chosen. We must take the time to weigh the pros and cons, and choose the one with which you are most comfortable!

Do not hesitate to make a series of games with each to understand the differences, strengths and weaknesses of your three variations. Not only is it useful for you, but also not to be surprised by your opponents.

Often, there is a variation that is more used than others because it is more efficient / profitable, but again, take the time to think.

2) Energy bars / EX / meter bars

You have up to three EX bars at the bottom of your character.

When you start the match, each player has an EX bar.

These bars load as you inflict or take damage.

Summary of what EX bars can do:

1 EX Bar:

  • A special improved version that allows you to increase the properties and damage of your shot, often it makes your character less vulnerable during the animation of the coup!
  • Improved interaction with the

2 bars EX

An X-Ray: a fatal attack doing heavy damage, similar to an Ultra.

Tip: From the beginning of the match you can win a second EX bar if you hit your opponent first. Great reward that can be an important advantage to start the game with what to do a Breaker or two special moves improved …

3) The endurance bar / stamina: for running, interaction decor, breaker

Just below your life bar, you have another smaller bar that fits your barbell.

It is used to:

Run : by pressing twice forward + guard button (R2), you can run until the stamina bar is empty.

Breaker (all the bar)

Interaction with the decor (half bar)

Back Dash (half-bar) by pressing twice back to back.

4) The Breaker

As in Killer Instinct, you can interrupt a combo with a Breaker.

You need to have two EX bars  and the full endurance / stamina bar in stock for Breaker.

Two situations where you can do it:

In full combo: just press the “forward” + “guard (R2)” direction during a combo to interrupt it.

What can save you from a very delicate situation where you take important damage!

Tips: It’s better to use it when you know that the next combo is going to be heavy in damage.

Avoid doing this at the end of the round if you have no life and you know that you have little chance to go up against your opponent. You would use two valuable EX bars for nothing!

– In full pressing: pressing “before + L2”

You are on guard but you are under pressure from your opponent who keeps attacking you, you eat your brain, and you crack: there you can breaker

But I suggest you focus on the Breaker combo.

5) Interactions with the decor

In each stage, you have elements of the scenery with which you can interact, you recognize them because they appear briefly in white when you are next.

By default, it is the button R1 on pS4 to interact, and it consumes half a stamina bar .

It allows you for example to jump on an element to go to the other end of the field, swing a projectile with a fireball or an old lady for example πŸ˜‰ (who can even you Brutality HAHA!) …

You must know each stage and every possible interaction to use it to his advantage or not to be surprised. It can help save you from a dangerous situation!

It is possible to improve the interactions by using one of the three energy bars (EX bars) to improve the effects. Just as improved special moves to press the button ”  guard ” (R2 by default) + the button ” interaction “.

6) Projections / chopps / throws

To chopper, the button is L1 by default.

It can be used normally to propel its opponent, but also during a combo.

You can also make a special mug  by doing L1 then the guard button R2 .

This allows ”  cancel “, that is to say, cancel the animation of the choppe to make a mix up mid / low blow and have a chance to do more damage.

You can choose the direction where you propel your opponent during the choppe to make a choppe in front or back, you must do:

L1 + left direction  or L1 + right direction

You have two stalls with the same animation but that propel on a different side (in front or behind you).

Chopper is good, but choose the side where you propel your opponent, it’s even better!

Take into account where you are in the field when making the cup, and choose the side where the opponent is closest to the edge.

1) If you are back on the edge, choose to send your opponent behind you, so you reverse the trend and it is he who is at a disadvantage!

2) If you are in the middle of the field, choose to send the opponent to where he is closest to the edge to put pressure and manage the terrain further to prevent him from coming back in the middle.

Not only are the stalks in Mortal Kombat X very effective because they are difficult to get rid of, but they can really put the opponent at a disadvantage!

To collapse a backpush, press the ” square ” button  . And for a mug before, press the ” cross ” button .

7) The survey

– Delayed Wake up / Delayed Wake up

When an opponent puts you on the ground, the reflex is often to continue to put pressure on you by approaching you to attack your survey.

To disrupt it and avoid pressing, you can do a Delayed wake up:

just hold the “down” direction when you are on the ground.

– Immediate reading / Tech Roll

When you are on the ground, you can get up immediately by pressing any button as soon as you touch the ground .

8) The Combos / Juggles

The Kombos that are in the list of characters’ moves are far from the only possible combos in MKX! It’s a small base we’ll say!

To make long combos, it is necessary to be able to send your opponent in the air with a blow said “launcher” (blow that sends in the air), and to follow with a combo behind: it is called a Juggle .

The goal is to chain as many moves as possible (with the highest possible damage rate) before your opponent drops to the ground.

You can use special moves that use the EX bar, run and even interact with the decor in full combo!

9) X-Ray

Just press L2 + R2 when you have the three filled EX bars .

Similar to the Ultra in other fighting games, this is a special attack that inflicts a lot of damage on your opponent with an animation where you can see through the body to see the opposing character dismember in the right way to have a lot of pain. for him !

Tip: The X-Ray are spectacular but ultimately not very profitable unless you’re sure to end the match with it, and having three EX bars to slam.

Indeed with your EX bars, you are more profitable to use special moves in EX combo for example, to maximize the damage and do much worse than an X-Ray … or keep your bars to get you out of the box. a thorny situation with a Breaker.

In addition, if your opponent is protected from the X ray, you will have used 3 bars of EX for a risk taking that was not worth it!

10) Brutality

We obviously know the Fatality, but novelty in this MK, we now have another way to finish the opponent with Brutality: a slow motion animation gore!

Unlike the Fatality, it does not run after defeating the opponent, but just before!

To see the list of moves that allow you to make a Brutality, go to the list of moves, then fatal shots.

You will see that each character has several moves that activate a Brutality, unlocked by playing or unlocking them in Krypte.

Each Brutality has its own conditions to guarantee its execution! Not always easy to ensure all conditions, otherwise it would be too easy!

Among the conditions, it is asked for example to use a certain variation, to maintain a button, to have more or less of 50% of life, or to use the shot Brutality during a precise concatenation …

11) Fatality

You are worshiping, you have had a bad day, or the game was terribly intense … beating your opponent is not enough to quench your thirst for blood.

During the famous “Finish Him” ​​end of the game that is triggered while your opponent gets up, it’s time to make a finish of death that kills! You have a period of time to do it so take your time to not fuck, it would be stupid! : p

It does not change anything during the fight, it’s just for fun … so take the one that makes you the most tripper and vary also for the pleasure of the eyes (or not) of all! Between basic Fatality and Faction Kills, there is plenty to do!

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