‘Gadgets and Apps’ To Save on Electricity Bill

Smart devices, digital solutions, mobile applications, home automation or Internet of Things, are some of the tools you can use to keep your electricity bill from rising.

In winter it’s cold, so far everything is normal. If you know the winters in Castilla y León you surely know the odd trick to protect your home and your body from low temperatures . However, if something is taking its toll during this cold wave and the extra expenditure of energy that is, is the rise in prices in the light and, consequently, domestic bills. This situation not only makes us go colder than usual, but it is causing serious problems when managing the monthly budget.

The digital transformation affects not only the business sector but has also conquered our homes and habits. New digital and technological tools are presented every day to provide solutions to our daily needs. To avoid scares, we have selected some technological solutions that can help you use energy more intelligently in your home.

Mobile Apps:

  • My Use (iPhone): After introducing our daily habits (somewhat heavy task), the application configures a plan to save electricity, gas and water by making more efficient consumption.
  • Price of Light (Android): Shows in real time the price of light and tells you at what time of day will be the cheapest rate, take advantage of putting the washing machine! The cost is shown by a color code, we can check the price of light of the previous day and configure alerts to know when the price is lower.  
  • Boltio (iOs and Android) : Offers a list by hours for you to see the price oscillation throughout the day, as well as information on how much the most common household appliances spend, also according to the time.
  • Light + Price (Android): Is the most complete, has the functions of the previous two and also does not report on   the actual price of the kilowatt. Also save your reference price, thus establishing the maximum price you are willing to pay for the energy. From the app we can choose the type of rate (general, night and electric car) and calculate the amount of the invoice
  • Energy Efficient Home: Presents a series of tips to increase efficiency in our daily habits in order to save on the bill at the end of the month.
  • EcoGator : An app that analyzes which appliances are the most consumed and so we can avoid their use when the tariffs are higher.  
  • StanbyCheck (iOs) : To find energy leaks in the devices that we leave in StandBy, activating the function ‘Energy Detective’ you will see how much you would save if you eliminate these leaks.


  • Wattio (iPhone): Hardware and software (the system is controlled from the mobile iOS) allowing examining energy expenditure of a business or home in order to offer more efficient automation solutions that reduce daily consumption.
  • Display for radiators:  Tube-shaped device, with slits at the ends and an air fan in the center that is responsible for collecting the heat emanating from the radiator and disperse it to reach all corners of the room.
  • Mirubee: Spanish startup that has designed a gadget based on the Internet of Things. The device makes an x-ray of the energy consumption of households to plan the savings.
  • Insight WeMo: it  is one of the most advanced options in this regard. It not only analyzes consumption and gives us more efficient solutions, but also informs us if any kind of strange event occurs. Its objective is to make home automation simple and affordable. The system includes plug adapters capable of turning off devices from the mobile or programming the moment when they must be turned on and off. On the other hand, you can place the wireless switch (connects the appliances to the Wi-Fi network so you can turn them on and off from the mobile) that is associated with an ‘app’ that allows us to activate equipment and receive notifications when they finish their function.
  • Nubings: It  is a system composed of a device that is installed in the electrical panel and sends the information to an application that can be consulted from the mobile or the computer. The app analyzes our consumption and proposes changes to save on the electricity bill.
  • Smart thermostat: Learn your routines and then turn on and off the heating depending on them (you can also activate it from your mobile). In addition you can mark a maximum and a minimum in the thermostat in order that the heating is able to work alone without having to be pending  . Ex: Nest, from Google.
  • Smart plug: This type of equipment allows us to remotely program the interval of hours they are on and control the expense they make (ex: Xiaomi Smart Socket)

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