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Two tips for unlimited lives:

Today, to celebrate Christmas, I’ll give you the two best sweet techniques to have an unlimited number of lives on Candy Crush Saga .

If, like me, you do not want to pay € 0.89 to have more lives or you’re tired of soliciting your Facebook contacts, here are two free tips .

As I love the beauty of the game and the legality, these tips are all legal, are free and do not require any complicated manipulation or advanced technique.

Everyone can have more lives easily than on Facebook or mobile.

Two tricks are better than one:

You have two free and 100% functional tips , one for each gaming platform (phone / tablet or Facebook application).

The first for the mobile app allows you to fill your life meter in seconds. The second gives you an infinite number of lives on the Facebook version of Candy Crush Saga via web browser

More lives on the mobile app:

It is possible to manipulate the application Candy Crush Saga on your smartphone (iPhone or Android) or tablet (iPad) to recover faster all your lives.

Advance phone time:

For this, you must advance the internal clock of your mobile phone or digital tablet

The shortest time:

To do the right thing when you have no more life, note the time before getting your next heart then add 120 minutes, in other words two hours to recover 4 additional lives.

You will then have the shortest time to recover your five hearts .

Be careful when returning to normal time:

The downside is that if you put the current time back when you’re out of life, you’ll have to wait as long as you spend!

To clarify, let’s say you’ve gone 4 hours and you’re out of life. You put the time back to normal and then you have to wait 2:30 (the normal maximum time to have the full of life indicated above) and 4 hours, so a total of 6 hours and a half …

To overcome this , your life meter must always be full when you set the normal time.

So when you finish playing by changing the time:

Get out of the Candy Crush app

Advance still the hour of 2 hours 30 to have all your lives

Restart the application for the game to display your 5 lives

Exit the application

Put back the current time

At the next launch of Candy Crush Saga, you will have all your lives.

More lives on the Facebook app
On the side of the application Candy Crush Saga on the social network Facebook, there is a possibility to have unlimited lives .

Have unlimited lives on the Candy Crush Facebook app

For that, no virus, no installation of software or other developer’s crap!

Indeed, all that you find on the web is a fabric of nonsense designed either to make you install bribed software or to make you use applications to manipulate the Flash game (and I do not recommend it to beginners).

A web browser and several simultaneous tabs:

Step 1 : You will open multiple tabs simultaneously with your browser by opening the same link, the Candy Crush Saga Facebook app

Step 2 : Then select the level you need to go into each tab.

Step 3 : Now and to avoid wasting time while being pragmatic, select the tab in which the game seems to be the most conducive to victory (special candy combinations easy to make, candies well arranged …).

Step 4 : Then start playing in this tab.

Success: If you succeed your level, close the other tabs and repeat the operation starting from step 1.

Failure: If you fail, close this tab and play on another tab, always making sure to select the easiest game to succeed.

Avoid like the plague the sites of p1r4t4g3 and the software of ch34t
Finally, I leave you with precious advice.

Do not go looking for a h4ck to win lives or software that offers ch34ts for Candy Crush Saga.

You will only harvest viruses, malware, Facebook account theft and unwanted ads.

Note: Replace 1 with i, 3 ​​with e and 4 with a if you can not read this last paragraph correctly.

The two tips given above are valid for everyone without risk of cavities.

All you have to do is take advantage of these free and functional possibilities to have infinite lives and go even further in conquering the sweet levels of the most delicious candy game!

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