5 Original Gadgets For Kitchen

Surely you had never imagined so many possibilities for the kitchen . For those of us who like to cook, it’s fun for us to get our hands dirty, experiment with new dishes and research new gadgets that make our gastronomic tasks easier. Reason more to collect in an article like this curious tools that more than one will give you ideas and want to include in your kitchen or have as a priority to make a gift to a friend ‘cocotte’ .

1. A different te

One of your pleasures is to prepare an infusion at any time ? Then you will love these tea infusers shaped like shark fin and sunken Titanic. Take for granted that you will laugh with your guests when they discover them in the teapot. They are manufactured with materials resistant to high temperatures. It will be one of those whims that do not have to be expensive.

2. Ready to the 3, 2, 1!

This timer has a very useful function, you will no longer have to program the oven to warn you or watch the clock making continuous calculations about how much cooking time is left until your favorite dish is ready.

Such an original timer will make it very easy, forget about the classics! Put a fun touch in your fridge with this magnet that imitates the wheels of a safe . Its operation is not different from the traditional timer but is perfect for those who are aware of the small details. You can also choose it in two colors : black and red.

3. Stylish pizzas

If you are a fan of pizzas you will be fascinated by this utensil. It’s one of those gadgets that you miss just when you need it. When you’re in front of that Bolognese pizza from Fripozo and you think … “Why did not I buy that original pizza cutter? Now it would come to me like pearls”.

This is the Fixie Pizza Cutter, has a combination of interesting colors that give a creative touch, you can find it in yellow and black, or pink and blue. The utensil imitates a classic race bike and it is very easy to roll it to cut your pizza in several portions.

4. The envy of your neighbors

This utensil is one of those that you will almost always use in the kitchen. A stew, a soup or a cream of vegetables … the ladle in the shape of a Loch Ness Monster peeks out of the pot stealthily while stirring the broth.

Not only will you be surprised by its original shape and its bluish color, but also by how practical it is. You will love that you have only standing , fully upright. You will no longer have to be careful not to spill the broth every time you spin the chili.

5. Paste meter for the hungriest

Of all the original gadgets you have for your kitchen this is designed to save and take advantage. Because to whom has it not happened that he has cooked spaghetti for the whole neighborhood because he does not know how to measure the amount of pasta per guest?

Surely it always happens to you !! No matter how hard you try to measure the exact rations per dish you never get it and it gets out of hand. Well, in this problem that many of us have come up with in the kitchen, the inventors of this special pasta meter have been based. And attention, which also measures rations for the most ebullient of the house .

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