10 Tips For Keeping Fit In Winter

It’s not always easy to maintain your vitality and good mood when it’s cold and gray! To spend the winter in good health and fight against viruses, follow our form tips.

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Stock up on fruits and vegetables:

The principle: to keep fit, nothing like fruits and vegetables. Packed with vitamins, they are our allies to recharge our batteries and help us fight against cold and infections. How do we do ? We prefer vegetables and seasonal fruits such as squash, cabbage, chestnuts, beets, oranges, apples or kiwis. Look for essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6), which our body does not know how to synthesize. To read also: Cabbages, hypervitaminated vegetables Why? Contrary to popular belief, we do not need to make “reservations” to spend the winter. In our society, we live in houses and wear warm clothes. No need to eat fatter or richer to stay warm!

Move on:

The principle: stretch well every morning and continue to practice a sporting activity, two essential gestures to relieve stress. How do we do ? Every morning at sunrise, stretch for five minutes, emphasizing the areas of the back. During the day, enjoy cycling, walking outdoors or the soft gym. To keep your joints cool and dry, avoid jogging outdoors. Why ? When it’s cold outside, we would like to hibernate and stay under the duvet. It is important not to “soften” during the winter and keep a sporting activity to maintain your body.

Brighten you:

The principle: to expose yourself as much as possible to benefit from the benefits of light on our body and our mood. How do we do ? Go out, do not stay locked up at home! If the sun really is not there, there are small lamps or indoor bulbs that reflect the “real” light, which will bring you enough light intensity (the lux) during the day to extend your well-being. Why ? In winter, there is less light, the days are short. In big cities, especially in the North or Paris, it is dark. Lack of light plays on mood and is responsible for seasonal depression.

Purify your bronchi:

The principle: clean your bronchi before the cold weather to avoid the common infections of the winter.How do we do? Take inhalations twice a week: put water to boil and add a mixture of essential oils, for example two drops of eucalyptus, two drops of lavender and two drops of thyme. Breathe the vapors that emerge.Why? The essential oils of eucalyptus , lavender and thyme are good for the respiratory tract: they disinfect the bronchi. Inhalations in prevention will avoid a good cold!

Have fun:

The principle: to continue having an intense social life to fight the seasonal depression and face the winter with serenity. How do we do? Invite friends, dine at home, spend friendly evenings and laugh! Keep the notion of pleasure in your daily activities. Why? In winter, there is a tendency to shut up, to stay at home so as not to suffer from the cold, when you have to open up and stay positive. Laughter is important for health and well-being. Open and stay positive to keep fit!

Strengthen your immune defenses:

The principle: strengthen your immune system to fight against viral infections. Vitamins, honey or lemon, naturally help your body! How do we do ? Three times a week, drink lemon juice with a spoonful of honey. Every day, add a teaspoon of manuka honey to your yogurt or coffee. Marine magnesium and natural vitamin C (accompanied by bioflavonoids for better assimilation by the body) help fight against seasonal depression. Against fatigue and infections, nothing like trace elements gold, copper and silver. Why ? Natural foods help your body fight against external aggression. Lemon has antibacterial powers that will help you fight infections. Manuka honey has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. More than a cure of supplements, the ideal is to eat balanced and varied, the vitamins being directly in the food. If you are a smoker, a vitamin C cure is needed to keep fit. Read also :The benefits of manuka honey


The principle: to spend to evacuate all the toxins. How do we do it? If it’s too cold to walk or practice sports, relax in the sauna or steam room.Why? In winter, with the cold, we tend to do less sports. So, to circulate the blood and lymph well, it is important to sweat.

Aerate you:

The principle: renewing the indoor air is important to breathe well. Outside and inside your home, air yourself How do you do it? Every day, go for a walk by covering yourself well to avoid getting cold. At home, open your windows daily for a few minutes.Why? In winter, the radiators heat up and the air stagnates. Contrary to what one might think, indoor air is often more polluted than outside air.

Stay zen:

The principle: to evacuate the stress to preserve one’s health, put under severe test by the cold of the winter. How one makes? Each evening, sit cross-legged and practice 5 to 10 minutes of relaxation. Breathe, relax and dispel negative thoughts. Why? The cold weakens our body vis-à-vis viruses and bacteria. So, no question of being overwhelmed by stress, harmful to health. Relax to be in shape!


The principle: sleep is important for health. To recharge your batteries and better cope with daily tasks, do not neglect your nights. How do we do ? To recover well, sleep must be restorative. The ideal is a good night of 8 hours, a little more or a little less depending on the people. Above all, respect your daily sleep quota. Why ? To fight against the cold and the viruses, we need more energy during the winter. Lack of sleep affects mood and shape and affects our health.

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